Anna Polina Escort

Anna Polina Escort

Anna Polina Escort in Paris


about Anna Polina

French award-winning actress Anna Polina has been making us weak in the knees and stiff under the belt since 2008 when she came into the industry under a different alias. Her blended ethnicity of Russian and French roots came together to create one bangable babe. Thanks to her exotic look, she’s in the unique position of having been chosen to become a ‘Marc Dorsel Girl’, a sought-after title in the industry. It must be her gorgeous eyes, all around a flawless figure, and voyeuristic attitude in the sack that has helped her achieve stardom and various coveted awards. Becoming a pornstar wasn’t something that had ever crossed her mind until she was midway through law school, although she had always been overtly sexual. After doing some modeling and dancing to make ends meet she decided that an office job wasn’t for her and that she could use her brains to make herself a mogul, which she is currently working on doing.

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