VIP Membership Club

Our VIP membership club is made up of very private individuals who require the highest levels of our expert knowledge to create a completely customized search and source matches. These clients are typically high rollers and public figures (CEOs, founders, political figures, top-tier celebrities, and international royalty). They demand the utmost discretion and confidentiality at all times that is why Celebrity Providers does not publicly advertise services. We have also been considered as one of the very few networks that genuinely offer famous celebrities introductions. Captivated by our selection of exceptionally famous female celebrities, we offer a very tight circle of trust, ensuring 100% confidentiality, making discretion and privacy our absolute priority.

exclusive membership



Our VIP membership is for the client who requires access to the highest level of celebrity introductions.

This membership suits only the wealthy regular callers who are interested in dating high profile celebrity such as famous actresses and international supermodels available from all over the world.

The VIP membership also comes with the benefit listed below;

    • Unlimited access to Exclusively Contents
    • Unlimited access to Secret Providers
    • Guaranteed Celebrity Introductions
    • Invitations to VIP Celebrity Events
    • First Class Premium Service
    • Tailor-made VIP Concierge Services


$500,000 USD

*** However, if you are regular for dating celebrities, luxury travels, expensive dinners, etc. then you know in a year it can amount to well over a million US Dollar, and celebrity provider welcomes clients who are interested in creating a much higher retainer.



The standard membership is basically for clients who require access to our exclusive contents, private areas, celebrities, secret providers and other benefits.

This membership is suitable for a non-regular caller who is only interested in booking one of our high-class celebrity escorts on a limited budget and still requires to remain as discreet as possible.

The membership also comes with a retainer fee, which stands as a credit for where model’s fees are deducted from.


$50,000 USD

*** For special requests, such as a famous actress or model outside our database, then you would be required to upgrade to a VIP membership level.


The VIP membership is completely customized to fit the needs of our clients for one year (12 months) in duration. Contracts can be paused as many times as the client would like, for up to a total of three (3) months, making the contract a potential 15-month with us. Our time, energy, and focus are always directed toward our VIP clients. Those individuals who become VIP clients go through extra screening with complete homework involved to ensure that they have the exact metrics to best match the celebrities they are meeting.

The VIP membership depends solely on your capacity for dating, and how much you like to keep in reserve for your leisure time. Think of us as a bank for putting aside socializing funds. A secret stash of funding for your playtime, which nobody will ever know about, with no paper trail. With our highly discreet and legitimate billing system, membership payments are easily hidden in business expenses, and thereafter utilized for your vacation time and private dinner dates.

VIP membership also helps show authenticity to particularly famous celebrity high-class escort who only want to meet a verified member.


The VIP Membership fee is a retainer, an advance deposit for you to use and not an empty fee. Your Membership deposit is a credit for you to use with your chosen celebrity escorts, and is a show of authenticity to them. Particularly to the famous celebrity ladies who only want to meet a verified member.

Allowing time for fund transfers can be a hassle. The VIP membership eliminates that. If you’re a busy, affluent man who prefers to give 2-3 days notice for requesting for a celebrity of your choice, the membership is for you.

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If you would like to join our VIP membership club, simply register your interest by completing the form on this page.

Should your application be successful, you will have an unlimited access to all the services listed above whenever you are in town, plus you will be entitled to access the private members only gallery.

Please note: Membership requests are treated in the strictest confidence, and all information is encrypted for your privacy and security. We review all membership requests and will let you know as soon as possible if your membership has been approved.